Amanpreet Chhina


Mr. Amanpreet Chhina

MSc (Oxon); MBA, LLB, BA (Laws); Non-Practising Solicitor (England & Wales)


Mr. Amanpreet Chhina works as a consultant with FLE to give his expertise in the field of AML/CFT and financial crime intelligence unit. Mr Chhina is a non-practising solicitor of England & Wales and did his Masters (MSc) from the University of Oxford, UK. Mr. Chhina worked in a law firm for 3 years, where he got extensive experience in the field of anti-money laundering by working on multi-million AML, confiscation and asset recovery cases.

Mr. Chhina has expertise in using machine and deep learning to predict, detect, measure and prevent fraudulent transactions.

Area of Expertise