Nirpal Kulair

Financial Crime Data Analytics Expert

Mr. Nirpal Kulair

Mr. Nirpal Kulair is a consulting professional with extensive knowledge and experience working in the realm of Artificial Intelligence and applied analytics. He works closely with a team of world - class data scientists to deliver performance step change in revenue and risk analytics for leading organisations across EMEA and North America.


MicroMasters, Supply Chain Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT);

CIPD, Human Resource Management, The University of Wolverhampton;

Economics & Econometrics, University of Leicester

Area of Expertise

  • AML analytics to drive superior, automated insights in pattern / anomaly detection

  • KYC analytics to help clients dynamically manage ongoing changes to regulations and risk profiles

  • Fraud Network Detection combining batch, streaming and predictive analytics to establish more dynamic responses to detect known and unknown forms of fraud

  • Fraud and financial crime investigations via artificial intelligence