About us

FLE Compliance Ltd is a registered company in the United Kingdom.

FLE is providing services since 2005 to develop the knowledge and skills of both public and private sector actors on key new developments and issues in the area of law, trade, humanity, social sciences, business, finance and economics by organising a variety of events, such as conferences, courses, training, and workshops.

FLE has also organised and provided various intensive onsite training programmes to organisations and firms in the past years to develop and improve their controls and systems so as to ensure effective compliance with financial crime laws and regulations. Registered experts from the company also provided technical assistance to different firms to develop their risk portfolio by assessing various risks facing the firm and to update and improve the firm’s internal controls and systems to efficiently detect and prevent potential financial crimes.

FLE (previously known as ‘FLE Legal Education’) was established in 2005 as the foremost provider of the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Test (QLTT) in the Indian Sub-Continent, and was set up with the support of the Law Society of England and Wales and the British High Commissioner, New Delhi. QLTT was conducted in India by FLE in conjunction with Central Law Training (CLT), UK, and successful completion allows practising Indian lawyers to be admitted to the Roll of Solicitors of the Supreme Court of England and Wales. The programme was launched in India to allow Indian lawyers to take this test while in their home country.