Sector Risk Assessment Tool

AiSRA Tool

Sector Risk Assessment Tool

FLE has developed AiSRA tool to investigate money laundering and financing of terrorism risk at sectoral level. The tool can be customised as per the sector-specific needs and requirements following discussions, previous sector risk assessments and methodologies.

Highlights of the AiSRA Tool:

  • AiSRA is a sector-specific ML/TF risk assessment tool.

  • AiSRA tool has been developed following FATF guidelines to conduct sector-specific risk assessments - threats, vulnerabilities and consequences.

  • AiSRA tool provides standard templates and questionnaires to collect and analyse data for each sector that can be customised as per supervisory institutions' requirements.

  • AiSRA tool is fully capable to identify any sector-specific AML/CFT gaps through heat maps and to make recommendations in prioritising mitigating actions.

AiRA Tool