Anti Money Laundering & Combating Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT)

Combating money laundering and financing of terrorism has became a big policy concern at international and national level due to its ill-effects on socio-economic development and in achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030. Countries are required to understand the ML/TF risks they are facing and to develop, and/or strengthen, its AML/CFT regime accordingly to effectively tackle these risks. Consequently, both the public and private institutions are required to implement a number of measures that are sufficient to comply with their AML/CFT obligations. Our expertise in this field support both the public and private institutions to ensure compliance with the required international standards and national law and regulations.

Risk Assessment Support for Money Laundering/Terrorist Financing

Our Key Experts in the AML/CFT field are specialised in conducting/assisting with

  • National risk assessments

  • Sectoral-specific risk assessments

  • Institutional risk assessments

  • National AML/CFT strategy and action plan

  • Designing, drafting and reviewing the guidelines for implementation of risk based supervisory approach

  • Drafting and reviewing the AML/CTF legislation, regulations, policies and supervisory manuals

  • Establishment of law, regulations and mechanisms for ensuring transparency of beneficiary ownership, including the technical assistance in establishing beneficial ownership register

  • Developing AML/CFT institutional-level policies and procedures, including CDD and transaction monitoring

  • Providing practical and tailor-made training programs to regulators and reporting entities