Anti-corruption & Bribery

Combating Corruption & Bribery

To effectively fight corruption and bribery at national and international level, it has become imperative for countries to strengthen their laws, regulations and systems that promote a culture of transparency, both at public and private institutions, and ensure the effective investigation, prosecution and adjudication of corruption and bribery cases. Our expert team in this field can assist both the public and private institutions in drafting and implementing any policies and strategies to combat corruption, including enhanced systems of asset declaration, conflict of interest and illicit enrichment of offficials.

Our Key Experts are specialised in

  • Advising on National Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan

  • Advising and/or reviewing anti-corruption laws and regulations and policies

  • Developing enhanced systems for asset declaration, conflict of interest and illicit enrishment for all levels of civil servants, including PEPs and high-ranking officials

  • Developing and reviewing institutional level risk-based anti-corruption compliance strategy

  • Instutational bribery and corruption risk assessment

  • Training and workshops of law enforcement authorities, prosecutors and judges on investigating, prosecuting and adjudicating corrueption and bribery cases

  • Awareness raising workshops for civil society and civil servants on prevention of bribery and corruption