2021 Projects

Technical assistance to develop research methodology for conducting the AML/CFT sectoral risk assessment of the banking sector and payment service providers in the Kyrgyz Republic; and conduct training and workshop of the relevant competent authorities in Kyrgyz Republic on establishing an effective AML/CFT risk-based supervision of the banks and payment service providers.

Kyrgyz Republic (Central Asia)

Technical assistance to the Financial Regulatory Commission, Mongolia, in drafting the law to effectively regulate and monitor the activities of dealers in precious metals and precious stones in Mongolia, especially considering their AML/CFT obligations, while also conducting an impact assessment of the draft law associated with a cost estimation.

Mongolia (East Asia)

Technical assistance to Tajikistan on national risk assessment of Proceeds of Crime and Terrorism Financing.

Tajikistan (Central Asia)

Technical assistance to the Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI), especially the Office of Banking Commission (FIU) for the purpose of preparing the third-round mutual evaluation of RMI by the APG.

Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) (Asia / South Pacific)

Technical assistance to the University of Tirana (Albania) to develop a curriculum on ‘Combating Illicit Financial Flows’.

Albania (Southeast Europe)

Legal Opinion on the draft law amending the provisions related to the 'politically exposed person' in the AML/CFT law of Ukraine.

Ukraine (Eastren Europe)

Develop a policy brief on transparency of beneficial ownership of trusts, clearly identifying the key gaps in the research and unanswered questions which need in-depth research to better support governments in working through the relevant issues relating to beneficial ownership transparency of trusts.

Research Paper for Open Ownership (Global Impact, USA)

Provide technical assistance to Kosovo to enhance the transparency of beneficial ownership under GIZ Global Programme on ‘Combating Illicit Financial Flows’ by drafting the Law on Register of Beneficial Owners in close consultation with the national multi-agency working group.

Kosovo (Southeast Europe)

Analyse the laws and regulations applicable to beneficial ownership in Myanmar and develop a legal gap analysis report with practical recommendations, including for improvement of the legislative framework and the practices

Myanmar (Burma) (Southeast Asian)

Technical assistance to the Czech Republic for the development of guidelines to assist NPOs in conducting their ML/TF risk self-assessment and detecting ML/TF

Czech Republic (Central Europe)

2020 Projects

Technical assistance to Serbia to draft a technical paper providing a comparative study of AML/CFT supervisory methodologies on virtual asset service providers (VASPs) with focus on good supervisory practices

Serbia (Central and Southeast Europe)

Develop a Presentation on the transparency of beneficial ownership of trusts and similar legal arrangements and deliver it in a two-days online integrated panel discussion “Financial Monitoring 2020”, organised by the FIU, Ukraine.

Ukraine (Eastern Europe)

Technical assistance to the Republic of Albania to finalise the draft law on ‘Centralised Register of Bank Accounts’.

Albania (Southeastern Europe)

Technical assistance to Bulgaria for the development of AML/CFT Action Plans following National Risk Assessment

Bulgaria (Southeast Europe)

AML/CFT training for investigators, prosecutors and judges and their respective training institutions in countries of Central Asia

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan (Central Asia)

Technical and advisory services for the development and delivery of a sustainable AML training program that will enhance the capacity of Sri Lanka’s relevant regulatory bodies in identifying, managing, and assessing ML/TF risks in the casino sector.

Sri Lanka (South Asia)

Technical Assistance to Samoa to conduct national risk assessment in the field of AML/CFT

Samoa (Asia-Pacific)

Technical assistance to the Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) on the country’s technical compliance with the revised FATF Recommendations.

Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) (Asia / South Pacific)

Technical assistance to Philippines in the conduct of AML/CFT sectoral risk assessment

Philippine (Southeast Asia)

Training to Taiwan financial institutions on the financial crime and other risks associated with Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Anti-Money Laundering, Virtual Assets and Virtual Currency

Taipei, Taiwan (East Asia)

Technical Assistance to Montenegro to review regulations establishing Beneficial Ownership Registry


2019 Projects

European Union country-level assessments on effective implementation of 4th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive

European Union

AML/CFT needs assessment of relevant institutions in Ukraine, Georgia, and Armenia to assess the level of technical assistance and capacity building support required from donors in their fight against AML/CFT

Kyiv, Ukraine (Eastern Europe) ; Tbilisi , Georgia (Europe, Asia) ; and Yerevan, Armenia (Europe, Asia)

Technical assistance to Albania in developing 'Guidelines and Road-map on the establishment and functioning of Beneficial Ownership Registry'

Tirana, Albania (Southeastern Europe)

2018 Projects

Tailor-made training to AML/CFT supervisory authorities in Georgia on beneficial ownership, use of offshore companies, legal arrangements, and financial flows from high-risk countries

Tbilisi, Georgia (Europe, Asia)

Developing training curriculum and 'Training of Trainers' for prosecutors and judiciary in Ukraine on the investigation, prosecution and adjudication of AML/CFT cases

Kyiv, Ukraine (Eastern Europe)

Designing training curriculum and providing 'Training of Trainers' in Serbia to police investigators on AML/CFT

Belgrade, Serbia (Central and Southeast Europe)

Delivering AML/CFT training to DNFBPs sector - accountants. auditors, real-estate agents and high-value dealers in Moldova

Chisinau, Moldova (Southeast European)

Technical Assistance to Montenegro to develop AML/CFT risk-based supervisory guidelines - DNFBPs and MVTS sector

Podgorica, Montenegro (Southeast European)

Technical Assistance in Georgia on strengthening the AML/CFT law and regulations

Tbilisi, Georgia (Europe, Asia)

Designed and delivered training to Taiwan financial institutions on Trade-based Money Laundering and FinTech

Taipei, Taiwan (East Asia)

2017 Projects

Designed and Developed anti-corruption awareness and educational materials for students at basic and secondary level of education in Albania

Tirana, Albania (Southeastern Europe)

Technical Assistance to Kosovo in reviewing the bye-law on Politically-Exposed Persons (PEPs)

Pristina, Kosovo (Southeast Europe)

2008-2016 Projects

Technical Assistance to effectively regulate and monitor gold market operations in Palestine

USAID Modernising Financial Institutions (MFI) Project , West Bank, Occupied Palestinian Territories (Western Asia)

Delivered training to Belgian Development Agency (BTC) on ‘the Evolution of Controls in Public Finance Management’

Brussels, Belgium

Countries/Region worked with

Albania (Southeastern Europe), Armenia (Europe, Asia), Bulgaria (Southeast Europe), Czech Republic (Central Europe), Dubai (Western Asia), France (Europe), Georgia (Europe, Asia), Hong Kong (‎Eastern Asia), Kazakhstan (Central Asia), Kosovo (Southeast Europe), Kyrgyz Republic (Central Asia), India (South Asia), Mongolia (East Asia) , Marshall Islands (Asia / South Pacific), Moldova (Southeast European), Montenegro (Southeast European), Myanmar (Burma) (Southeast Asian), Philippines (Southeast Asia), Samoa (Asia-Pacific), Serbia (Central and Southeast Europe), Sri Lanka (South Asia), Taiwan (East Asia), Tajikistan (Central Asia), Turkmenistan (Central Asia), Ukraine (Eastern Europe), West Bank - Palestine (Western Asia), United Kingdom (Europe) and Uzbekistan (Central Asia)

Organisation Worked with and/or for

Asia Development Bank (ADB); Belgian Development Agency (BTC); Council of Europe (CoE); Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Open Ownership (Global Impact, USA); Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE); Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance (TABF); United States Agency for International Development (USAID); United Nations Office on Drugs and Office (UNODC); World Bank